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Monday, October 15, 2018
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Forced to Jump, 19-Year-Old Teenager Killed in Rescue Work

Badcopnews.com - A teenage girl in India is reportedly killed in a rescue exercise on her campus. Quoted from Hindustan Times, Saturday (14/07/2018), 19-year-old teenager...

Baby 5 Months Killed After Thrown His Mother to Walls

Badcopnews.com - A 5-month-old baby is reportedly killed after being thrown by his own mother to the wall. Reported on the NY Daily News, Thursday...

4 Children Killed A Man in Florida and Suicide

Badcopnews.com - A man in Florida reportedly killed four children and shot a policeman before he committed suicide. Reported from Huffingtonpost.com, Wednesday (13/06/2018), Initially the...