– The harsh action of the Indonesian police in Jakarta that has shot 52 suspected criminals and 11 of them killed by Amnesty International.

Quoted from Detik, Tuesday (17/7/2018), It was revealed by the Executive Director of Amnesty International Indonesia, Usman Hamid in a press statement.

He said if the approach taken by the police in Jakarta is a “silly” act.

He added that the action violates Indonesia’s responsibility under international law and must be stopped immediately.

“This shooting violates Indonesia’s responsibility under international law,” Usman said.

He is concerned that the increasingly alert police are reacting to violence using weapons.

Usman exemplified a number of officials including President Joko Widodo, who encouraged a tough approach in the fight against crime, overshadowed by brutal drug eradication in neighboring Philippines.

Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Idham Aziz said the shootings will be reviewed but his side did not apologize for such firm measures.