– Lava flows from the eruption of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii are reported to have exploded in the sea and exploded and blew up a ship carrying a group of tourists.

Reported by AFP, Tuesday (17/7/2018), As a result of the sudden explosion, 23 people were reportedly injured wisawatan.

The explosion of hot steam is triggered by melting volcanic rocks and mixed with salty sea water. The so-called ‘lava bomb’ explosion hit the roof of the ship and entered the seating area.

Three of the wounded, including a 20-year-old woman whose legs were broken, were immediately rushed to the local hospital by ambulance.

Lucky when the incident, the tourist ship was able to return to the port safely.

Darwin Okinaka, Head of the Hawaii County Fire Department Battalion said if there were no serious injuries due to this incident.

A photo released by DLNR shows a gaping hole in the canopy section of the tourist ship.

“Basically, it was an explosion, triggering a hole right through the roof of the ship,” the local Mayor’s spokeswoman Janet Snyder told the Tribune Herald newspaper. He also called the ship ‘lava-filled’ when the incident occurred.