– A baby in Colorado, United States (US) reportedly trapped in a mesih filled with water grandchildren.

Quoted from ABC News, Tuesday (17/07/2018), it was realized by the baby’s brother and tell it to his parents.

The baby’s parents were instantly surprised to see their beloved three-year-old baby in the washing machine.

The incident started when Lindsey and Allan McIver of Conifer, Colorado woke up on the morning of July 10th by the cries of their 4-year-old son. McIver’s son told something to his parents but it was hard to understand.

“She was crying so hard, I could not understand the words she said,” said the mother, Lindsey.

“Then I realized that he said, ‘Khloe is in the washing machine,'” he added, referring to his 3-year-old daughter.

Moments later, Alan and his wife, Lindsey, managed to stop the washing machine activity and pull out Khloe safely. It is not known how long Khloe was trapped inside, but when it was released he only suffered scratches and minor bruises.