– A teenager in Spotsylvania, United States (US) suddenly suffered serious burns. Allegedly, the wound was caused by a plant called Hogweed.

Reported from WTFR News, Monday (16/7/2018), the victim is known named Alex Childress and now has undergone serious treatment at the hospital.

The incident started when Alex was cleaning the plants near Spotsylvania. After that, he felt his face burning.

Alex’s father, Justi said that his son was working all day before the incident. She went into the bathroom and her skin was slowly peeling off.

“Alex worked the whole day before the burn, and when he got home, he went into the bathroom and his skin was slowly peeling off,” he said.

Alex was then taken to the VCU Medical Center hospital for treatment. 17-year-old teenager was exposed to burns level 2 and 3.

Allegedly he was exposed to sap from plants that are still Hogweed Apiaceae family that grows invasive. This plant can indeed cause third-degree burns even permanent blindness.