– Massive rescue evacuation of 12 Thai teenagers and a trainer trapped inside the Cave continues to get the media spotlight.

Although today they have all been saved, But the news of them continues.

Reported from ABC, Monday (16/07/2018), One of the news that gets the spotlight is when they will all be evacuated.

Two Australian Doctors, Dr. Craig Challen, were directly involved in the rescue operation at Tham Luang cave last week. said if all the victims were first made unconscious when will be saved.

Craig Challen, a retired Perth veterinarian, says he works intensely with Dr. Richard Harris, an anesthesiologist from Adelaide, who handles 12 teens and his trainers medically. Challen and Harris are close friends and fellow divers.

In an exclusive interview with Four Corners program on ABC television, Dr. Challen confirmed that 12 teenagers and their trainers were completely anesthetized when evacuated out of the cave. “They did get some tranquilizers to keep them calm, because the worst thing can happen if one of them panics,” said Dr. Challen.

“If you put me with a full face mask with no previous experience and pulled me out of the cave, for about 3 hours drive, then I would be scared and maybe panicked,” he added.

Dr. Challen mentioned that the risk is still great to dive out the cave filled with water while bringing teenagers who are unconscious. “It’s time consuming and shrouded in danger because you only need one small mistake that makes breathing equipment not working properly or having a small leak or something like that, unknown when they start carrying,” he said.