– A new rule in the National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia in the near future will authorize the pastor in marrying similar partners.

Reported from the ABC, Monday (16/7/2018), Rules that will give freedom to the pastor if he wants to refuse to marry a pair of similar.

President of the Uniting Church Diedre Palmer says it is important to respect and protect the religious beliefs of Uniting Church priests.

“We accept diversity in our midst and we allow our members to have the freedom of deciding whether they are willing to do same-sex marriage or not,” said Dr. Palmer.

He also said that if marrying a pair of pairs contradicts the Pastor’s conviction, then they may reject it.

“No priests should do same-sex marriage if it goes against their beliefs.” he said

The 265-member Assembly approved two separate definitions of marriage, which he said would be “the same but different”.