– A brown thief apologized after more than 40 years ago stole two chocolate bars from a Woolworths store.

Quoted from Sky, Monday (16/7/2018), He apologized through a letter and contain money 5 Pounds Sterling.

In the article, the letter was sent to the Belle Vale Shopping Center in Liverpool and surprised the staff.

The incident was known to occur in 1975 when he was a child. It was written in the letter he sent.

“I stole two chocolate bars from Woolworths in your shopping center in 1975, when I was a kid,” the man wrote in his letter.

“I’m sorry, and do not know which one is better, this is the money I borrowed for the two chocolates,” he continued.

The shopping center shared pictures of letters and money through his Twitter account with the words, “Restoring our belief in humanity, thank you,” he wrote.

Since Woolworths is bankrupt, the money will be donated to the chosen charity, the Zoe Baby Center.

“In this time of disaggregation, it is good to see good actions that restore our faith in humanity,” a spokeswoman said.