– A report has been reportedly escaped from his cage at Audobon Zoo, New Orleans, United States (US).

Reported from, Monday (16/07/2018), Report from the zoo’s manager, Jaguar is named Valerio.

As a result, the Jaguan kills seven other animals and takes about an hour.

He was eventually paralyzed with an anesthetic after killing four alpaca, an emu bird, and two foxes, and wounding three other animals.

Despite the rampage and slaughter of other animals, veterinarian Audobon zoo, Frank Burks ensures Valerio will not be injected to death.

“Nothing will happen to the jaguar itself, but unfortunately, it just does what the jaguars do,” said Burks.

The management knows the condition at around 7:20 am local time.

Jaguars at the Audobon Zoo are kept in glass for exhibition ‘Jaguar Jungle’. In the same area there is also alpaca, giant ant eaters, spider monkeys, tropical frogs, monkeys, and tarantulas.