– One young man in Japan managed to rescue 20 flood victims in Mabi, Kurashiki using his small rubber boat.

Quoted from Channel News Asia, Monday (16/7/2018), As a result he was exhausted and fainted on the boat.

It all started when Hiroshi Nomura was sitting in his car on a local hill as a heavy downpour. He is busy watching live streaming the 2018 World Cup.

Initially Horishi and his family have been getting an early warning about the potential for flooding in Japan. But they decided not to evacuate.

He then decided to save his car and take him hilly. However, the next morning he was worried because he did not hear from his parents.

“The morning arrived and I did not get any messages from my parents so I tried to go back home but I could only see the roofs of houses (in the midst of floods),” said this 31-year-old youth. “It’s not good to think like that, but seeing the situation, I’m trying to get ready for reality (they’re dead),” he added.

Hiroshi realized he was carrying a small rubber boat in his car. Rubber boats are commonly used for fishing with friends. Without carrying the pump, Hiroshi ran to the nearest gas station and filled the rubber boat with air.

“After I got on the rubber boat I immediately returned to my house, but there was an electrical wire dangling into the water in front of me and I saw many things from floating houses.It was difficult to move there.I had to control it and avoid these obstacles, “Hiroshi said.

“When I got home, I shouted for my mother – but no one answered,” he added.

As he was about to break the window of his house to go inside, Hiroshi’s father called him and told him that his family, including Hiroshi’s grandparents, had been rescued to safety. Hiroshi was relieved, but his sole rescue mission was just beginning.

“I saw a lot of people on the roof and they waved from the upstairs window and the water level (flood) had reached their shoulders.When I saw them, I felt I had to help them so I started saving them,” he said.

For five hours, Hiroshi with his rubber boat back and forth rescues people trapped in the flood of Japan. He rowed his own rubber boat in the midst of an increasingly high puddle of floods. First, Hiroshi rescues children and the elderly.