– A python is reportedly undergoing emergency surgery in the state of North Queensland for eating a favorite doll toy of a girl.

Quoted from Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital, Saturday (14/07/2018), This case was reported by a family in the city after seeing the 2 meters snake was eating puppet son.

Hayley-Anne Hill from Miss Hiss Reptiles said, within two decades of snake capture, she had never seen anything like it.

“The whole house is happy when we get there, it’s not something you meet every day,” he said.

“We pocketed a snake trying to digest this non-food item in about 20 seconds.”

“We knew immediately that the snake had just eaten something, the bulge in the center of the snake was about the size of a chicken.”

“Good thing they watch him, otherwise we would not know it was a toy and it could have been a disservice.”

They immediately took the snake to the nearest veterinarian for help.

Shannon Diblasio One of the veterinary nurses said if the team had surgery on the snake after failing to regurgitate it. Lucky the snake in the rescue he said.