– A dog in the city of St. John Petersburg, Russia is reported to have helped the police to arrest the murder of his employer.

Reported by the Daily Mail, Saturday (14/07/2018), A man has also been arrested by the local police for allegedly killing her lover.

The suspect is known as Arkadiy Antonov who is accused of murdering his lover named Maria Frolenkova (19).

The media report, Arkady angry after Maria who had just returned from her hometown claimed to have been dating a man she knew through the internet.

In the midst of mounting anger, Arkadiy beat Maria until she died. Furthermore, Arkadiy carried the body of his lover to a forest.

There he threw away Mary’s body and covered it with leaves and tree branches.

While carrying the body of his lover, Arkadiy also brought a pet dog Maria, a corgi type dog named Foksa.

Worried that the dog made trouble and aroused suspicion, Arkadiy took Foksa a few more miles before throwing the animal off the street and running away.

A few hours later, Foksa was found on the curb by police on patrol.

That’s when the police see Foksa’s gesture that is like asking them to follow him.

Finally the police followed the little dog that went straight to the location where his employer’s body was dumped by the lover.

After finding the body of Mary, the police immediately conduct an investigation and did not take long to arrest Arkadiy.