–┬áNorth Korea’s young leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly sent a letter to the President of the United States (US).

Reported from KNCA, Saturday (14/07/2018), local media reports say if the contents of the letter is optimism North Korean leaders build cooperation with the US in the future.

In a copy of the letter it is known that Kim said he believes North Korea and the US relationship can be realized through the strong will and sincere efforts of both countries.

“I believe that a strong will, a sincere effort, and a unique approach from myself and His Excellency Mr. President (Trump), which aims to open a new future between North Korea and the United States, will surely come true,” Kim said.

In the letter, Kim hopes the process of improving relations between the US and North Korea will lead to practical action in the future. Kim also signaled there will be a second meeting between himself and Trump.

The letter from Kim was uploaded Trump on his personal Twitter account. The letter was expected to be sent when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a visit to North Korea last week.

This letter at once dismissed all the notion that the denuclearization process agreed by the two countries in Singapore last month will not happen.