– A man in Singapore is reportedly charged 11 months in prison for having sexually harassed multiple times.

Reported from the Straits Times, Saturday (14/07/2018), The man was known named Francis Lim Boon Liang aged 49 years.

He is known to have sexually harassed a home worker from Indonesia.

In court, Liang pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual harassment against the domestic worker.

In the trial it was revealed that the 49-year-old manager, sexually harassed the victim a few days after the Indonesian woman began working at her home.

A judge said that Lim’s actions constitute “the exploitation of a domestic worker, who is considered weak because of his dependence on the employer, for his own sexual satisfaction”.

Deputy General Prosecutor Goh Yi Ling said the sexual harassment of victims occurred four times. After the fourth sexual harassment, the victim fled to the office of the Ministry of Labor of Singapore to report the actions of Lim.

In his defense, Lim’s lawyer Sunil Sudheesan asked for leniency and said his client was very sorry for his actions. Lim is also called suffering from diabetes and high cholesterol.