– A record holder with the longest nails in the world has decided to cut the nails in New York.

Reported from The Telegraph, Friday (07/13/2018), He is Shridhar Chilal. The 66-year-old man has nails along the 9 meters.

A technician went straight to cut Shridhar’s nails by wearing masks and cutting tools commonly used by builders.

With cutting tools, the technician was very careful about cutting Shridhar’s nails. The longest nail is in the thumb.

He was finally able to breathe and was deeply touched that his nails had been cut off.

He admitted during this time he has difficulty because it has the longest nails in the world. It is even hard to sleep peacefully.

“I can not move a lot, every half hour I wake up and move my hand to the other side of the bed,” he said.

Shridhar’s encouragement stretched his nails when he went to school. At that time a teacher beat him because he was with a friend to break the long nails that the teacher has.

“We asked him why he beat us just because we broke his nails, he said we would never understand because we never extended the nails,” said Shridhar.