– A man from Afghanistan who was reported to have been deported from Germany was found hanged himself in a hotel room in Kabul.

Reported from DW, Friday (13/7/2018), This case is expected to re-heat the political debate deportation in Germany.

IOM International Organization for Migration says the 23-year-old man is staying at a hotel that IOM uses as a temporary accommodation for deportees.

“We can confirm that a 23-year-old Afghan, who was deported to Afghanistan July 4, 2018 along with 68 other Afghans, committed suicide on Tuesday,” IOM worker Masood Ahmadi said.

The local police said the man had not been officially identified. The process of inquiry is still ongoing at the moment.

One of the men who was also deported by the Germans, Dan happened to be in the same hotel, Mirwis Hashimi said if the hotel smells rotten.

“The whole building stinks and the police are called.When we go upstairs we see him hanging himself,” Hashimi said.

“His body is swollen and smells bad, his condition is very bad,” he added.