– A huge explosion occurred at a chemical plant in Chengdu, China. In this incident 19 people were reported killed and 12 others injured.

Quoted from Reuters on Friday (13/7/2018), the chemical plant is known to belong to Yibin Hengda Technology. It is located in the industrial district of Jiang’an.

Police said if there had been no early indications related to the explosion of this chemical plant and is still conducting further investigation process.

Report from local media, The current injured has been stabilized and treated intensively in the city’s nearest hospital.

The fire that burned the plant area was successfully extinguished on Thursday (12/7) at around 23:30 local time, or several hours after the explosion occurred.

There has been no official statement from the factory owner about this incident.

This incident is the latest in China which is the world’s largest chemical producer. A series of similar incidents in coal mines and chemical plants is quite common. One of them was an explosion in a chemical warehouse in Tianjin in 2015 that killed 165 people.