– Oscar Munoz, one of Chile’s most famous pastors, has been reportedly detained by the local police for allegedly sexually abusing children.

Quoted from AFP on Friday (13/07/2018), Oscar Munoz is known as a senior in the diocese of Santiago in Chile.

A prosecutor in this case, Emiliano Arias said if the perpetrators committed the action from 2002 in the capital city of Santiago and Rancagua city.

Police reports said Oscar Munoz was arrested Thursday (12 / & 0 yesterday).

Munoz has served as Deputy Chairman of the Diocese before becoming Chairman of the Diocese of Santiago since 2011. Two months ago, Munoz was removed from office after admitting he once molested a child.

Munoz’s removal was carried out before the Catholic world leader, Pope Francis, made a visit to Chile.

Initially Munoz was investigated by Chilean Catholic Church authorities, but later the case was handed over directly to the Vatican.

The police said that if Munoz victim is seven children who can not be published its identity.