– 31 people reportedly sentenced to death by Court in Egypt. They are charged in separate cases. Police killings and incidents escaped from prison.

Reported by Reuters on Friday (13/7/2018), A total of 18 people were sentenced to death related to the murder of a policeman and an Egyptian security personnel in 2015 ago.

The verdict was granted by El-Zagazig local court, Nile Delta, on Thursday (12/7) local time.

In the same report Two victims have come to the nearest hospital with many gunshot wounds on their bodies.

However, due to very serious conditions, the two victims could not be saved and died.

Police investigating the case have shown that 18 people are the perpetrators.

Mentioned also in the trial that the 18 people who were sentenced to death were members of the Ikhwanul Muslimin group. The group has been banned in Egypt since 2013, when President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, was ousted from his seat.