– An explosion reportedly occurred at a chemical plant near Cairo International Airport, Egypt.

Reported by Reuters on Friday (13/7/2018), In this incident, at least 12 people reportedly suffered serious injuries.

Police report, The explosion occurred inside the existing warehouse in the petrochemical plant complex.

The factory is located outside the Cairo International Airport complex. As reported by AFP, the Egyptian Department of Civil Aviation denied the explosion took place inside the airport, as initially reported by a number of eyewitnesses.

Colonel Tamer al-Rifai, Egyptian military spokesman, said if the initial indication of the explosion was high temperatures in the region.

“Due to the high temperatures, an explosion occurred in Heliopolis for Chemical Industries’ petrochemical warehouse,” he said.

Rifai did not mention who the owner of the plant is, but a number of security sources and internet reports call it the Egyptian military.

Eyewitnesses said he heard a loud explosion near the airport. Some photos uploaded to social media show a blaze and a cloud of smoke rising to the sky.