– A bear in Georgia, eastern Europe is caught about a nurse’s lunch in his car.

Quoted from ABC News, Friday (13/07/2018), the owner of the car known as Carrie Watts. He works as a home nurse in the Lake Burton area.

Initially he left his car with the window open on Thursday because the temperature at that time reached 32 degrees Celsius.

He said that they were working and saw movement near his car.

“I was cleaning the house and doing work inside the house, and a movement caught my eye,” Watts said.

He thinks it is a cat who likes to care for patients who climb the roof of the car. Until his age he realized that was a bear bear.

The bear then found the lunch box in the front seat and after that, the bear chewed the toddler seat in the car.

Watts said he tried to drive it for two hours with his car alarm, and pounded pots and pans. Only, the bear did not budge and sat in the car, looked around, and ate potato chips.