– Japan is reportedly experiencing the worst floods in 36 years. To date, at least 199 people have been killed in the floods in the country.

It was announced by Prime Minister (PM) Japan, Shinzo Abe in a press statement to the local media.

As reported earlier, the fierce rains that occurred in some areas of Japan caused massive flooding and landslides.

The latest report, At least there are still about 60 people who are still missing and continue to be searched by the rescue team as well as clean up the remains of the flood.

As a result of this flood, a number of power supplies were affected. Many power plants are reportedly damaged by the floods.

“There’s a lot of demand coming in for normal power back because people need air conditioning. But, on the other hand, we have to think about the safety of flood victims and landslides, “said Finance Minister Taro Aso.

Since last week, electricity in some areas was put out to suppress the number of victims. However, later, the air temperature in Japan soared. Yesterday the temperature reached 33 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, residents around the flood site urged the government to normalize the flow of electricity. So far, only 3,500 households have returned to power after the devastating Kurashiki disaster.