– A woman in Australia is sued by her own husband for being negligent in not stepping on a car brake as she jumps from a fast-moving Mercedes-Benz car.

The man was known as Brian Lim and sued his own wife named Eunkyung Cho in a district court in New South Wales last november last year.

He recently filed an appeal because he felt the court decision did not match his expectations.

The lawsuit stems from an event in December 2012. At that time, Lim and Cho who had been married for 5 years were going out to dinner with their two children – then aged 4 and 2 years – to a restaurant in the Belmore area.

But on the way they began to quarrel. Coming home from the restaurant, a shouting happened again in the car. Then when Cho insults Lim’s parents, the man gets angry and threatens to divorce his wife.

Do not stop there. When his wife’s Mercedes-Benz was racing, Lim opened the front door. His wife had tried to pull him, but he had already jumped out of the car.

The police, who later came to the scene, testified in court that Lim’s injuries were severe. In court also known that during the incident, Cho was driving at 50 km / h.