– A rescue specialist from the US Air Force (USA) based in Okinawa, Japan took part in the rescue process of twelve teenagers trapped in the Cave in Thailand.

Quoted from the BBC, Thursday (12/07/2018), he was known named Derek Anderson aged 32 years who participated in the rescue operation.

Anderseon said 12 boys and their coach, who was trapped for more than two weeks before being rescued, were tough kids.

The United States is on a rescue mission with teams from Thailand, Britain, Australia and other countries after arriving in the cave on June 28 when it rained in areas in northern Thailand.

He said when he entered the cave, the Cave was dry. But within a short enough time, an hour and a half, the Cave was full of water as high as 30 centimeters to half a meter that forced them to get out.

“The cave was dry when we arrived, and within an hour and a half was full of 30 centimeters to half a meter and we were forced out,” Anderson said.

He told his friend back then, This problem will be much more difficult than they expected.

“It was only at the beginning of the cave and by that time we realized this problem would be much more complicated than we thought,” Anderson continued.

Thailand’s decision to rescue the boys despite their weak condition and lack of diving experience, was made when the chances during the weather were relatively sunny. Massive operation to pump out water is done and preparing oxygen at the crucial points of the cave, to allow rescue.

“Low oxygen levels, disease risk and risk of heavy rain that could flood the cave complex for months threatened the lives of children in the cave and caused us to have no good choices,” Anderson said.

Anderson also felt grateful they managed to help rescue the teenagers out of the Cave.