– An Apple store in Fresno, California was reportedly looted by a group of youths on Saturday. In this incident, the store lost 26 laptop items and some unique iPhone 6,7,8 and iPhone X.

Quoted from Fox News, Thursday (12/07/2018), the police said, Total losses are calculated about USD 27,000 US.

What makes police officers wonder, This theft case happened so quickly. Just under 30 seconds they managed to steal at the store.

Recordings from CCTV show that there are four people using blue and black headgear.

Their aggressive action makes the employees and visitors who are predominantly teenagers frightened. When going out of the store, one of the visitors was about to confront them even though eventually, they still escaped.

“Eyewitnesses are very clear to see if they are very aggressive, and that is a fast-paced robbery,” explains Rob Beckwith, Fresno Police.

Authorities initially received reports that the incident at the Apple Store was armed robbery, but it was clarified that no weapons were carried by the perpetrators.

“Currently we are looking for four or five unpredictable actors, we believe there is a driver to escape,” explained Fresno police officer Mark Hudson.