– The death toll from floods in Japan has now reached 199 people. While 60 others are reported still missing and still in search by a joint search team in Japan.

Quoted by AFP on Thursday (12/7/2018), local officials said if the death toll will certainly continue to grow considering there are still many people missing.

Japan’s search and rescue team is searching for the whereabouts of dozens of people reported missing due to floods and landslides, while the death toll is close to 200.

The team carried out operations by cleaning up the remnants of the floods and landslides that occurred in the country.

“The critical period of 72 hours (after the disaster) has passed,” said officials in Okayama prefecture, Mutsunari Imawaka.

He also said that the search process will continue to be done and he believes there are still many survivors.

“But we will continue to search and believe there are still many survivors,” he said.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised to increase aid to the affected areas. The government has also secured about 71,000 temporary homes for refugees.