– A pilot at Qantas Australian airline is reportedly in critical condition at the hospital after an antique plane underneath had an accident in South Africa.

Reported by BBC on Thursday (12/7/2018), the aircraft is known adala Convair-340 and currently there are two suda people killed.

Ross Kelly and Douglas Haywood – both Qantas pilots from Sydney were on board when the plane crashed near Johanesburg.

Local government reports, The plane crashed in a factory and then stopped after crashing into it.

Four people were trapped in the plane and had to be rescued by aid workers.

An aid officer said there were about 19 people who were on the plane when it crashed.

Ross Kelly is reported to be in critical condition, while Haywood and another Australian passenger who are also passengers are in stable condition.

The 64-year-old Convair-340 plane is on its way to the aviation museum in the Netherlands scheduled to arrive in the next few days.