– Katarina Zarutskie, A model known as Instagram reportedly bitten by sharks in the Bahamas. He is known to be there for a vacation with his lover.

Quoted from Fox News, Thursday (12/07/2018), He is known to be bitten in the hands. Lucky he did not get seriously injured because of this.

Zarutskie was swimming with a group of sharks under a program of ‘shark school’ which the locals considered harmless.

“I think it’s safe and I see kids snorkeling, and against my girlfriend’s family. I hope I think it’ll be fine,” Zarutskie said.

He is known to be a nursing student and also a California surfer who came on vacation with his family.

He feels all is well when he enters the water. It’s just that suddenly a shark biting his arm and carrying it underwater.

“It was very scary, I was pulled down and very lucky the situation was not too dangerous, it could have been worse,” Zarutskie said.