– Germany has reportedly banned Turkish nationalist motorcycle gang, Osmanen Germania BC for allegedly committing acts of crime and violence.

Reported from the BBC, Wednesday (11/07/2018), it was delivered by the German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

He has issued a ban for the Osmanen Germania BC (Germania Ottoman) motorcycle gang on Tuesday (10/07). The Turkish motorcycle gang was banned from any activity.

He said if this motorcycle gang has become a serious danger to the rights of individuals protected by law in Germany.

“This group presents a serious danger to the rights of individuals who are legally protected and to the general public,” the ministry statement said.

The announcement of the ban was reported after police action raided Osmanen Germania’s headquarters in the states of Rheinland Pfalz, Baden Wrttemberg, Bayern and Hessen.

Authorities estimate the group has 300 members across Germany.

Home Minister Seehofer said the ban was part of the state and federal government’s crackdown on organized crime.

“And of course it applies to groups of motorists like Osmanen Germania, whose members have committed serious offenses,” Seehofer said. “Those who violate the rule of law should not expect any leeway from us.”