– Israel is reported to have closed the main crossing of goods in the Gaza Strip to enter Palestine.

Reported by Reuters on Wednesday (11/7/2018), The action was reported back action from Israel to the Palestinians who infiltrated into its territory and kite fire flown by Palestinians to Israel.

Only ‘humanitarian aid’ includes food and medicine now allowed to pass Kerem Shalom.

For the Israeli actions, the Hamas group immediately commented with this incident.

The criticism was conveyed by one Hamas spokesman who said Israel’s move was “a new crime against humanity”.

As reported earlier, Palestinians make a kite of fire and are flown to the border of Israel.

On this occasion, Many farms on the Israeli border are in danger of failing to harvest and are severely damaged.

The action has triggered 750 fires in southern Israel by burning over 2,600 hectares of forest and agriculture and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, Israeli officials said.

The arson attacks began during a mass rally along the border, when thousands of Palestinians expressed support for the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their present ancestral land of Israel and demand an end to the Gaza blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt.