– A well-known Muslim scientist and author, Adnan Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya, was reportedly arrested by the Turkish police.

Reporting from Hurriyet Daily News, Wednesday (07/11/2018), he was arrested along with 235 followers today by Istabul Police.

The police said they were arrested on various charges, intended to form criminal gangs, as well as commit fraud and sexual abuse.

Oktar performed in raids that were held in five provinces. The raid took place on Wednesday (11/7) local time.

The local police also secured his bodyguards at his residence. Oktar’s bodyguard reportedly had a fight against the police.

Reported by correspondent Hurriyet, police seized a firearms magazine, body armor, and armored vehicles from Oktar’s house.

Previously, in February, the television program hosted by Oktar was suspended by the Turkish television supervisory authority. The program mixes religious discussions with dance. The television watchdog authorities called the program violate gender equality and women’s rights.