– The death toll from the devastating floods in Japan is reported to have grown to 179. Previously still about 120 people.

Reported by AFP on Wednesday (11/7/2018), According to local officials, the death toll will continue to grow considering there are still many missing victims who have not been found.

A government spokesman reported that 67 missing victims are still being searched to date from the joint team.

As reported earlier, the heavy rain that hit Japan made the country flooded and faced landslides everywhere.

The Kurashiki city of Okayama Prefecture is the worst affected area. Almost all the districts of the city were inundated with floods and residents were forced to flee to the rooftops while waiting to be rescued.

Rescue workers went to every house to look for survivors. “We call it a grid operation, where we check every house to see if anyone is trapped inside,” an Okayama prefect official told AFP.

“We know this is a race against time, we try as hard as possible,” added the official who declined to be named.

Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said about 75,000 police personnel, firefighters and soldiers were deployed in rescue efforts.