– A baby in Queensland is reportedly dead because of the outbreak of Sipilis. This epidemic reappeared after a long time began to disappear.

Reported by Reuters on Wednesday (11/7/2018), last report, There are at least six babies who died of this syphilis outbreak.

Sexually transmitted diseases were almost extinct in the early 2000s.

In 2008, two cases were found in Queensland, and now 10 years later, more than 1100 cases have been recorded by residents there, with an additional 200 new cases each year.

Dr. Darren Russell said the plague was virtually extinct and is now increasingly alarming. He said the epidemic had been one of the biggest causes of death in the last few years.

“So from almost perishing, this syphilis is now one of the biggest epidemics in recent years.” he said.

“Here we have a good test kit, good care but we still can not prevent it from spreading.”

“I’m concerned this is still spreading.” Connect.

He also requested that the local authorities help wipe out this horrible plague.