– Police in India make the rules quite unique in its unity. The police there ordered to lose weight or be suspended.

Quoted from the BBC on Wednesday (11/07/2018), it was delivered by the Commander of the Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) to the media during the interview.

The punishment is also not half-hearted. They will be subject to suspension and even terminated if careless in maintaining health.

Bhaskar Rao added the decision was taken after more than 100 officers died within the past 18 months due to lifestyle-related illness.

The ‘weight-bearing’ apparatus will get help to change their lifestyle and diet.

He said if local police officials would begin to monitor the sugar index and other things since six months ago.

“We started the process of monitoring the sugar index and other things since six months ago, the latest announcement of the threat of suspension and dismissal for careless parties (with their health),” Rao.

To help its members get the ideal body, KSRP Party also provides additional training, swimming and lifestyle guides for local police.