– 500 Australians dare to be cold just because they want to be photographed naked by American photographer, Spencer Tunick.

Reported by Reuters on Tuesday (10/7/2018), Hundreds of people were posing naked on Monday yesterday above a supermarket in Melbourne.

Participants were selected from 12,000 people who signed up. Tunick is known for making bulk bugil photos as part of artwork to protest against a number of global issues.

All the participants posed for standing and lying on the cement with only a transparent red cloth covered. This is done in the middle of the air temperature of 7 degrees Celsius accompanied by wind gusts.

“I saw it (advertisement) online and I was like, ‘Yes! I got involved.’ Spencer Tunick is like a legend for subversive art, nude subversive art, I feel Melbourne can do it,” said one participant, Jane Louise.

Tunick said, Indeed the work process is done fairly quickly because it sees the temperature conditions are cold enough and can endanger the participants.

“I work quickly so they do not get cold and I think I get a beautiful piece of art,” Tunick said.