– A Gangnam Restaurant Stadium at Sussex Street Street, Sydney gets a fine just for the visitors who are drunk.

Quoted from ABC on Tuesday (10/7/2018), the incident was originally Two women who were unconsciously thrown on the street by the restaurant staff in downtown Sydney after they were allowed to drink 16 drinking slockers within 40 minutes.

The authorities as one of the worst offenses of the liquor law in New South Wales (NSW) in recent years.

Three women entered the Korean restaurant at 7:55 pm on November 9 last year and for 40 minutes each drank eight ‘The Peach’ or soju slips, a Korean national drink.

After the seventh slot, two women struggled to sit upright, his body swaying from side to side and slumping back and forth on the table.

At 8:35 pm, a waiter collected two empty soju bottles from their table and returned with another bottle a minute later.

After their last shot, the two women collapsed to the front of the table and became unconscious.

But instead of being helped, the women were only taken out of the restaurant by staff and other customers, and abandoned on the streets.