– Supreme Court in India reportedly sentenced to death against three men who raped and killed a female student in the country.

Quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (10/07/2018), this decision was taken judges Monday yesterday and get a big response among the people of India.

Indeed the incident of rape and murder took place in 2012 and then decided yesterday.

The chief judge of Dipak Misra along with two other judges rejected the petition filed by the three convicted cases. The petition requested an assessment of the verdict of the New Delhi High Court of 2017 which confirmed the death sentence for all three.

The three convicted prisoners were Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Mukesh. They asked the Indian Supreme Court to ease their sentences. One other convict, Akshay Thakur, did not appeal the death sentence he received.

This case has sparked a major public outcry in India. The public wants the perpetrators immediately sentenced to death.

Rape cases are on the rise in India. What’s more, this case happens to most underage children.