– A man in Malaysia is reported to have been fined by a local court for marrying an 11-year-old girl.

Reporting from Teh Star, Tuesday (10/07/2018), Penalty fines were dropped by the Sharia Court Gua Musang in the trial this week.

He is known to be fined 1,800 Ringgit. The man was found guilty of not getting permission from the Sharia Court to marry a minor.

The 41-year-old man was charged with a marriage and polygamy practice without permission from the Shariah Court.

Information from local news sites, Local authorities do not publish the name of the perpetrator and are deliberately kept secret.

Judge Mohd Surbaineey Hussain handed down a fine of 900 Ringgit for each charge. Thus, this man was fined a total of 1,800 Ringgit.

Local media reports say the man who was an entrepreneur was charged under article 19 and article 124 of the Kelantan Islamic Family Law, which has a penalty of 1,000 Ringgit or two months’ imprisonment.