– A 5 month old baby and was buried for nine hours in Montana, United States (US) is reported to be alive.

Reported from CNN, Tuesday (07/10/2010), Baby was found still alive after being buried in the mountains for nine hours. A man believed to be responsible for this incident, has been arrested.

This incident was first discovered by the Missoula County Sheriff Deputy. At that time he heard the crying sound of a baby but vague.

He then looked for him and found the figure of a baby buried between a pile of sticks and debris.

The baby was found still alive with the position of the body terpungkup. When found, the baby was wearing only onesies that were wet and full of soil.

The report also said that the baby suffered minor bruises and bruises but was in good condition.

Currently, this unnamed baby is under the care of the Montana Family and Children Service.

The police are still investigating the case. Where the baby’s family and the alleged responsible person have been secured.