–┬áVirgin Galactic, a US space company from the United States (US) plans to launch human beings into space from the European country.

Quoted from The Verge, Tuesday (10/07/2018), Virgin Galactic aircraft owned flight will be conducted from Grottaglie Spaceport in Italy.

This plan is also at the same time the announcement of cooperation between Virgin Galactic with two largest aerospace companies in Italy.

Both Virgin Galactic partners are Altec, a company under the Italian Space Agency, and Sitael, Italy’s largest private space company.

The two companies will work with Virgin Galactic to create a draft on how space flights will be made from Gorttaglie Spaceport.

Unfortunately, these three companies do not say when their plans will be realized.

The plane will be used by their customers from Europe and civilians who are willing to pay to travel in space.