– The rescue process of teenagers trapped in the cave of Tham Luang, Chiang Rai, Thailand was reportedly suspended.

Reported from the BBC, Tuesday (10/07/2018), it was revealed by local officials to the media covering the rescue process.

The temporary dismissal of the rescue process came after a second rescue process that took four children out of the cave.

An officer who helped the rescue process, now there are a total of eight children who were removed from the cave. The rest, four boys and a trainer, are still trapped in the cave.

Home Affairs Minister, Anupong Paojinda said, Currently eight teenagers who have been successfully removed have gradually improved his condition.

The first rescue mission was carried out on Sunday (8/7) and successfully took out four boys.

Then, the rescue mission was stopped for 10 hours because the officers had to rest and replenish supplies including the oxygen tank and resumed on Monday (9/7) at 11 noon.