– A giant crocodile in Australia was captured on this day. According to local officials, the Crocodile has been hunted for eight years.

Quoted from the AFP on Tuesday (10/07/2018), citing the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife, the crocodile has a body length of up to 4.7 meters and weighs up to 600 kilograms.

Temporary suspicion, Today the crocodile has been over 660 years old.

The crocodile is trapped in a trap intentionally installed in the Katherine River, the Northern Territory.

Local officials say, this Crocodile is very difficult to catch them until it takes eight years to succeed.

“We call him a lot of names in the last few years because it’s so hard to catch.You will admire his size and how old he is,” said officer John Burke.

The crocodile will be brought to the crocodile farm, away from the population. According to Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife records this is the largest crocodile ever removed from the Katherine River.