– A girl under the age of repeatedly in the last seven months raped by the principal, two teachers and 13 students.

Reporting from the Associated Press, Monday (9/7/2018), the case of this rape re-horrendous society in India.

Many Indians are condemning the action because it is done by 16 people.

This event occurred in Parsagarh village, Saran district, Bihar state, eastern India. The victim is a 9th grade student in a junior high school.

Police officer Har Kishore Rai, said they had arrested six perpetrators who were complained by the victim on Friday (6/7), the headmaster named Uday Kumar alias Mukund Singh, two teachers, and two students. Police are still hunting down other actors.

He also said that the local police have also formed a special team to investigate the case.

“The report is extortion and repeated rape of victims We have formed a special team and the investigation began with a priority scale,” Rai said.

Two teachers who were supposed to be protective students also took part in the depraved act after seeing the video, Rai said.