– Four inmates are reportedly shot dead by Papua New Guinea police and wounded two others after they sparked riots in a prison.

Reporting from local news, Monday (9/7/2018), Although the police managed to shoot dead perpetrators of riot, Nine prisoners reportedly managed to escape.

To this day, the local police continue to hunt down the inmates who escaped from the prison.

Temporary report The rioting in Lae Prison located in Buimo Town occurred because a package containing a knife was smuggled by a visitor.

The sharp object was used by the prisoners to stab a prison guard and cut the barbed wire around the scene.

“The prisoners who escaped robbed their patrol car while throwing stones and wood, they also arm themselves with sharp objects,” said Lae Prison Chief, Anthony Wagambie Jr.

Two prisoners were killed instantly when shot. One had fainted and died of blood loss. One more died not far from the prison.

“Police opened fire on them, two people were killed instantly, one had fainted and died of blood, another died not far from prison,” he continued.