– 10 people were reported killed in a train accident incident in northwest Turkey.

Reported by CNN on Monday (9/7/2018), the accident occurred on Sunday (8/7) and more than 70 people were injured in this accident.

According to information, originally the train was heading to Istanbul from the city Kapikule on the border of Bulgaria.

Six carriages slipped off the track, which contained a total of 360 passengers. The exact cause of the accident is not yet known, but Turkish authorities call bad weather and landslides as two main factors.

Another report says that a collapsed bridge is the cause of the accident.

The incident occurred in Tekirdag province. Governor Mehmet Ceylan told NTV that a number of helicopters had been deployed to transport the victims from the scene.

From local TV shows seen a number of people trying to save the victims from the train car.