– A girl named Maedeh Hojabri in Iran is reportedly detained by local security authorities simply for uploading a video of her dancing to Instagram.

Quoted from The Independent, Monday (9/7/2018), There is no further confirmation about this detention from the authority.

Iran indeed often holds its citizens who upload videos to instagram social media.

Among the arrested residents is Maedeh Hojabri, who has more than 600,000 followers before his Instagram account is suspended.

From the information collected, there is no more detailed information about Hojabri being captured by local security authorities.

It is not known where he lives and the domicile of the city he lives at this time.

Hojabri only known to often record the action of dancing while in the room, following the rhythm of pop or rap music.

In other videos, Hojabri talks about the history of parkour, outdoor sports that are popular in Iran, even practiced many Iranian women.

When detained, Hojabri with the owner of the other Instagram account who was arrested had appeared on government television in an event program.