– A woman in China is refused to become a teacher just because it is less than 10 centimeters tall.

Quoted from the China Morning Post, Saturday (7/7/2018), Due to this problem, Officials in Shaanxi Province, China plans to remove the high requirement to become a teacher.

The woman who was in an anonymous condition said, initially she wanted to be a teacher in the province. Because the height is only 1.4 meters, while the requirement to become a teacher is 1.5 meters, He then rejected.

He was told that he did not pass the test to become a teacher at a high school after undergoing medical tests. Li graduated from college in mid-June 2018 and rejected him in the background of his height which did not reach 1.5 meters.

In its terms the female applicant should be at least 1.5 feet tall and 1.55 meters male in order to become a qualified teacher.

Li then protested that because during college he had signed an agreement to teach in public schools anywhere in the province in order to get a scholarship.

Li is a student majoring in English at Shaanxi Normal University force 2014.