– Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte does not seem to stop making sensations. This time, he claims to be ready to step down from his post if there is evidence that God exists.

Reported China Morning Post, Saturday (7/7/2018), It was delivered in a speech before his supporters.

In addition to discussing God, He also discussed the Bible’s content in his speech. As is known, the majority of people in the Philippines embrace the Catholic religion.

“If anyone can prove that God exists, I am ready to resign from the presidency,” Duterte said.

“Where is God’s logic in some basic tenets of faith?” says Duterte.

“Again, I will retreat if there is someone who proves that God exists, whether with pictures, or can see or speak,” he said.

Previously, he also gave a statement that makes excited among the people in the world.

He says that “God is not there”. he said.