– A government official in the Philippines is back dead today (7/7) by an unknown person. This is the third case of the week.

Quoted from Antara, Saturday (7/7/2018), the official is known is Alexander Lubigan is known as deputy mayor of Trece Martires in Cavite, South of Manila.

He was killed in an attack carried out when he drove using an SUV. In this incident, his bodyguard was also reportedly killed.

In this week, at least three officials in the Philippines were killed by an unknown person.

Last Monday, Mayor Antonio Halili from Tanauan township in Batangas was shot in a flag-raising ceremony.

On Tuesday, a group of gunmen killed the mayor Ferdinand Bote from the city of General Tinio in Nueva Ecija Province.

The attack is reported to have continued since President Rodrigo Duterte declared a deadly war to drug dealers across the country. It means the officials involved.