– At least 37 people were reported killed in a tourist ship incident drowned in the waters of Phuket, Thailand due to big waves.

Quoted from the AFP, Saturday (7/7/2018), Currently, the various joint parties in the country is focusing on finding other victims in the waters.

The ship was known as Phoenix which was reportedly carrying dozens of tourists from China and drowned by sea waves as high as 5 meters.

At that time, there was a storm crashing in the Andaman sea waters near Phuket, Thailand and hit the ship.

Most of the dead were found drifting by still wearing lifesaving jackets in waters a few kilometers from the sinking site at this time.

Meanwhile, an official from the Navy said there were at least 18 people still missing from the incident.

“The death toll now stands at 37, with 18 people still missing,” he said.

This sinking ship is known to have three floors. In total there are 105 passengers, mostly Chinese tourists, who boarded the ship during the incident. Of that number, as many as 48 people were rescued.

One of them is a Chinese tourist who was found alive after a night of floating in the sea. After being evacuated, the female tourist was immediately rushed to a hospital in Phuket.